About SBP


The Society of Bereavement Practitioners is the independent professional membership organisation for anyone working or volunteering in any capacity with bereaved people and their families; including those working in end of life care.


The Society is NOT a funeral industry regulatory or accrediting body or authority.


Membership of the Society, which was founded in London in 2005 by two funeral directors, a minister, a nurse, a celebrant and a GP, represents a public commitment to the aims of the Society and to ethical practice and the highest professional standards in the field. This is demonstrated by the use of appropriate designatory letters: LSBP or FSBP after a member's name. The letters MSBP demonstrate the member upholds the aims and standards of the Society and is working towards recognition of their professional expertise.


The Society of Bereavement Practitioners Badges of Merit, Awards of Merit, and the coveted President's Award of Merit further recognise the considerable commitment and achievement made by people in any aspect of bereavement and end of life care and support, whose work might otherwise go unnoticed and unrewarded. This is perhaps the most important objective of the Society.


The Society has a small but diverse membership representing a wide range of professional expertise including counsellors, clergy, celebrants, carers, doctors, nurses, midwives, funeral directors, paramedics, craftspeople and registrars. Our aims and objectives have evolved considerably since our foundation. For example, we no longer provide training or conduct examinations; and we no longer organise regular formal meetings and gatherings of the Society as a whole - although individual members may continue to do so in their local area.


However, through the breadth, diversity and quality of our membership we remain commited to promoting and encouraging the highest standards of education, training and ethical and professional conduct for all who provide bereavement care and support in any form.


If you share our objectives, we look forward to welcoming you to membership of the Society of Bereavement Practitioners. Likewise, if you would like to nominate someone for one of our awards, we look forward to hearing from you, too.